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Home of "The Gipper"

Laurium is known for the legend of George Gipp. The mere mention of his name brings to mind the immortal words "win one for the Gipper". Gipp has been enshrined in the National Football and Michigan Halls of Fame and more recently in the Upper Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame.

Gipp Arena Schedule Changes

No Public Skating Due to Annual Mite Tournament


Friday         02/19/16  

Saturday     02/20/16

Sunday       02/21/16

Sunday late session 6-8:30 will be held as scheduled

Ice Arena


George Gipp Ice Arena opening Saturday November 28, 2015

            Public Skating Hours

Beginners & Adults                    Friday 2-3pm

Public Skating                           Friday 6-7:30pm

                                                Sat     3-4:30pm

                                                Sun    3-4:30pm

                                                Sun    6:30-8pm

Admission     $1.00     Admission  $1.00


Dogs Running Loose

There have been a number of dogs running loose recently in the village limits.  You are responsible for keeping your dog leashed when outside. There are trails you can take your pet to and let them run free under your control such as the new Woodland Rd. trail that's part of the Swedetown ski trail system, or at Calumet lake. However, in the Village of Laurium, all dogs must be leashed when outside. All violations will result in the LPD bringing the animal to the animal alliance in Houghton (regardless of whether or not they have a collar).

Ordinance # 120 "Known as the Leash Law"

Residents of the village of Laurium who have dogs should be familiar with ordinance 120.

Basically, you are not allowed to let your dog run loose. If your dog is not on your property, it must be on a leash and under your control. If found running at large, you will be cited with a fine if the police know who the owner is. If the owner is not known, your dog will be impounded, which also requires payment of a fine in order to get the dog back.


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